Your ‘Drunk Self’ May Actually Be The Real You, According To Scientists

You might think that your alter ego is activated when you are high on booze, but a survey taken by scientists suggest otherwise. Before this survey was taken, it has been general assumptions that people act differently when they have had a little too much to drink.

And their actions when drunk aren’t a reflection of their character. Looking at the surface, you could excuse such misinformation since a lot of people are usually ashamed at what they do when drunk; often saying they wouldn’t have done that in normal circumstances.

But with the release of this study’s findings, booze is exempted from any further blame for any silly behavior.

From now on, everyone takes full responsibility for their action — drunk or not.

“A man’s true character comes out when he’s drunk.” – Charlie Chaplin

This research was conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Missouri and Purdue University.

They had to use 156 volunteers for this scientific exercise to find out how alcohol influences behavior.

Before the experiment, all 156 participants were given a survey to fill out 2 weeks in advance.

They were to reveal the traits they exhibited when they were drunk and then sober.

And then fast-forward to the experiment itself, the participants were separated into 2 groups and then one group was given vodka and sprite to drink while the other group was given the only sprite.

Those who were given alcohol to drink were then given some tasks to accomplish while their non-intoxicated counterparts observed.

After the exercise, the participants who took alcohol and did some tasks were asked to rate their experiences.

They all said they were more open-minded and less willing to work.

But the neutral observers came up with the result that counters the reports of the participants who took alcohol.

They said they didn’t notice any difference at all.

Rachel Winograd, a psychologist who was part of the project, said that the whole team was astonished to see the drunk volunteers had a different experience as compared to what their counterparts observed.

So booze or not, you are who you are.


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