Woman sends a handwritten list to her boyfriend on how to handle her during panic attacks and anxiety

A woman suffering from a severe case of panic attacks and anxiety uniquely educated her boyfriend on how to handle her condition when it occurs; she wrote him a list!

Kelsey Darragh, 27, shared two pages of handwritten steps on how to treat and alleviate her panic attacks and anxiety. Her tweet has since gone viral.


Kelsey Darragh posted a list of 15 tips on Twitter to help her boyfriend handle her panic attacks. (Image source: Twitter/Kelsey Darragh)


Kelsey Darragh suffers from panic attacks and anxiety. (Image source: Twitter/Kelsey Darragh)

The Florida-born and Los Angeles-based woman shared the image with the caption, “I have panic & anxiety disorder. My boyfriend does not… but wants to understand it so he can help me. SO I made him this list! Feel free to share w ur [sic] loved ones that need guidance!”

The list has gone viral ever since she posted on Twitter; it has received over 8,000 retweets, 23,000 likes and 200 comments.


The list is written on her notebook with a blue ballpoint and it lasts about two pages. The list is titled ’15 realistic things you can do to help me [Kelsey] through a panic attack!’ She also decorated it with sad and smiley faces. In the top right corner, she wrote, “HELP ME LOL.”


In her first bullet point, she tries to calm her boyfriend down, that he should not be scared or annoyed when the attack hits her. It reads, “Know that I am scared + won’t be able to explain why, so please don’t freak out or be annoyed w/ me.”

The second point states with high importance that her boyfriend should immediately get her her medication. In her own words, it reads, “FIND MY MEDS IF THEYRE NEARBY + MAKE SURE I TAKE IT.”

On her third, seventh as well as eleventh suggestion, Kelsey emphasized on how vital breathing exercises are and that she will get frustrated, but it is important that her boyfriend finds a way to regulate her breathing. She writes, “…try and get me to sync my breathing with yours.”

The fourth point states that her boyfriend should make gentle suggestions about what they can do together in order to distract her. However, she also warns, “DON’T TELLWHAT I NEED/SHOULD DO and listen when I say no to something.”

In her fifth advice, she refers to another type of panic disorder – called dissociative panic – that could occur. She explains that when this type happens, it is ‘scary AF’. She advises her boyfriend, “...Tell me some fun facts about me or our life together.” She also asks him to remind her that it has happened before and it will pass.

Her sixth tip is to feed her some sips of water but to not force it, since she will feel like ‘vomit[ing]’.

For her eighth point, the 27-year-old woman tells her boyfriend to take her home immediately if the panic attack happens in public.

Points nine and ten inform the boyfriend to be nice to her, and remind him that a panic attack is a very mortifying moment for her, so she needs comfort and a long, big hug.

In the next point, she tells him if things get really bad or out of control, he can just call her mother, sister, or best friend. She tells him not to fight but rather let it pass through her. She adds, “The more I try to control it (or for you to try and control it) the worse it will be.”

In the second last point, Kelsey asks him to be empathetic. She also adds a heart-warming point that, “YOU MAY NOT GET IT, BUT YOU GET ME.”

Lastly, the actress and comedian informs him that after the attack has passed, talk to her about it, and how they can improve the next time.


Many Twitter users responded on the thread, supporting and spreading her list. One user said, “This is the best thing you’ve ever written.”


Another user appreciated the list and said, “I’ve suffered from panic attacks for 24 years now. Your list is perfect.”

Kelsey has urged her followers to share these tips with others whose loved ones’ suffer from panic attacks.

She also asked for more tips that she might have missed out on. She said, “[sic] plz feel free to share some of ur tips that help you in the thread!!”

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