What Really Turns On Women According To Her Zodiac Sign

It should come as no surprise that some women get turned on by different things. However, did you know that what women like in the bedroom can heavily depend on their zodiac sign? Click through the slides to find out what your woman craves, and a whole new meaning to the classic pickup line “what’s your sign?” Take A Look

12: Capricorn: BDSM
The Capricorn woman enjoys having sex and can use it to express herself. She’s really into BDSM and loves when a man takes charge, making her beg for what she wants.

11: Aquarius: Anything Unique
Aquarius women like to keep things interesting in the bedroom. They want to try new positions, and they love to be spontaneous and unpredictable.

10: Pisces: Lying On Their Side
A Pisces woman likes to be laying on her side when she gets pleasure. Whether her man is in front of her or behind her, she feels that this position is the most intimate.

9: Aries: Doggy Style
This zodiac sign takes a robust and dirty approach to bedroom antics. They like it a little bit rough and like doggy style. To see what the Taurus woman likes, click on. As an Aries, you do something that is uncharacteristic whenever you want a person; you start to slow yourself down. Usually, you live life in the fast lane. You are always moving and always working. You are keeping yourself busy all the time.

8: Taurus: Spooning
For a Taurus female, spooning is the absolute best. They love to feel very close to their lover, and spooning is one of the ways they like to achieve that. While it may not be entirely visible to most people, the Taurus is always going to be a very heavily guarded human being. While they are trustworthy and loyal, it takes a lot to be able to earn a Taurus’s full trust and respect. But once they like a person, they become more lenient, and they will open themselves up to that person quickly.

7: Gemini: Dirty Talk
A Gemini woman loves when her man talks dirty. They are the most vocal of the astrological signs, and they get super turned on when their partner participates. You hate having to commit yourself to anyone in general. As a Gemini, you are the type of person who would get into relationships, and then automatically bolt when things start to get hot and heavy. But when you like someone, you stay. You commit to that person in good times and in bad.

6: Cancer: 69
Loving to give and receive equally, the 69 position during foreplay is something that the Cancer female loves. To see what the Leo woman loves, click to the next slide. You are a nurturer and a caregiver. As a Cancer, those are the roles that you have assigned unto yourself. You always like to be taking care of others. You still want to be of significant service to the people around you. But when you start to like someone really, you take a different approach to that person.

5: Leo: Do It Standing Up
A Leo woman loves to be in control during sex. They love standing up while doing the deed and love it even more if they are doing so in the shower. When you like someone, you start to do the unthinkable. You begin to divert all of the attention that you would have reserved for yourself to that person. As a Leo, you tend to be very egotistical. But when you start to develop a liking for another person, your ego begins to shrink gradually.

4: Virgo: Missionary
A Virgo woman is efficient and very considerate. They find missionary position to be the most comfortable for them and their partner and feel that both partners can thoroughly enjoy themselves best this way. You become so much more lenient as a Virgo whenever you start to like someone. Typically, you hold people to unreasonably high standards, and that’s why you get disappointed quickly. But when you develop a liking for a person, you aren’t as unforgiving as you usually are.

3: Libra: On Top
The confident Libra woman wants to be on top of her man. She gets turned on knowing that her man is admiring her naked body while she’s in control. Usually, you couldn’t care less about winning an argument with someone. As a Libra, you are always so used to just letting things slip for the sake of promoting the peace and harmony in a relationship. But when it comes to someone you like, you won’t be so afraid of the conflict

2: Scorpio: Anything
A Scorpio woman loves having sex and isn’t fussy when it comes to positions. The most important thing for a Scorpio? Having a partner with stamina! Lastly, see what the Sagittarius woman likes. You are another sign that does a complete character turnaround whenever you start to like someone. As a Scorpio, you are typically known to be a no holds barred, selfish, ruthless creature. You want to get things done and you like to do things your own way.

1: Sagittarius: Masturbation
Masturbation is a favorite pastime for a Sagittarius woman. She knows her body well, and she isn’t afraid to please herself — with or without you. You turn on your charm, and you try to make that person laugh as much as possible. Given that you are a Sagittarius, you know that you have a perfect sense of humor. You wouldn’t hesitate to use this to your advantage whenever you meet someone you like.

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