There’s A Huge Problem With Parkland Students’ New “Safety Backpacks”

When Parkland students returned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after spring break, they were met with several new security measures designed to prevent another school shooting. However, as many students are pointing out, the new measures may be doing more harm than good.

Check out student Emma Gonzalez’s moving speech at the March for Our Lives rally. She speaks for her 17 slain classmates who no longer can:

One of the students’ main concerns is the new rule that only clear backpacks are allowed on campus.

Many students who were issued with the new “safety backpacks” are not happy. They say it is not only a violation of privacy but is also unlikely to prevent another tragedy.

On Monday, the superintendent of Broward County Public Schools, Robert Runcie, sent a letter to parents and students, which stated:

“When students return from spring break, clear backpacks are the only backpacks that will be permitted on campus. While we cannot change the heartbreaking and senseless act of violence at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, by working together, we can change the future.”

The backpacks are designed so that the contents are visible from the outside. The idea is that it would be much harder to hide a gun and bring it on campus, but there are three flaws with this idea.

First, as many students have pointed out, it is a violation of privacy and many female students are especially concerned about having to show off their hygiene products to the masses. This may seem like a small concession to make in order to save lives, but in reality, it shouldn’t be necessary.

Second, these kids are going to get robbed. Clear backpacks exposing laptop computers, cell phones, wallets, and other valuables will now be on display for all to see. Getting beat up for a laptop isn’t keeping anyone safe.

Third, and most importantly, the clear backpack idea isn’t going to work at all when it comes to preventing school shootings. Once again, students have pointed out that a gun could easily be hidden within a folder or binder, or even zipped into a pencil case.

Also, what about the huge instrument cases that band students require, or sports bags for student-athletes? Just think about how many weapons could fit inside an empty cello case or large hockey bag!

And let’s not forget that the Parkland shooter wasn’t a current student, so the whole clear backpack scheme wouldn’t have affected him whatsoever.

Students are calling out administration, saying that the backpack idea is simply to create the illusion of safety. Student, Lauren Hogg, hit the nail on the head when she tweeted:

“My new backpack is almost as transparent as the NRA’s agenda. I feel sooo safe now. As much as I appreciate the effort we as a country need to focus on the real issue instead of turning our schools into prisons [sic].”

She’s right. As long as the United States refuses to address their issues with guns, schools are forced to come up with ideas like the “safety backpack” in order to try and look like they are keeping students safe. Unfortunately, it’s like throwing a life preserver to someone trapped in a tsunami.

Student Kyra Parrow epitomized their uselessness with this tweet:

Another student, Carmen Lo, tweeted:

As long as politicians’ campaigns are padded with NRA money, backpacks – and guns – will continue to be more important than the lives of their constituents.

Gun control works. I don’t know how much more proof needs to be provided. At this point, it’s just ignorance, greed, and a devaluation of human life.

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