Some Obvious Differences Between Men And Women

1. Look At The Differences Of The Morning Routine

From the moment they crawled out of bed in the morning, something was already amiss.

2. Technically, There Is Still A Difference

Women are self obsessed and Men are women obsessed!

3. A Man Seems Sophisticated and a Woman Seems Naughty

4. Women loves To Carry Everything Whereas Men Keep Only Essentials

Sometimes I don’t even pack a bag. The trick is to layer up. If you layer up, you’ll always have a spare outfit to wear. Yes, that means extra boxers too.

5. Reality Post Breakup Of Male and Female

Dude, what happened to all those girls you were supposed to hook up with? The single life is always so deceiving.

6. Yes! It Is A Reality, A Woman Faces Many Things

The emotional fluctuations are tough to keep track of sometimes. Maybe male stubbornness has its benefits, kinda like how ignorance is happiness.

7. When Going Through Color Shades

Men are color blind, but women know each shade’s name.

8. When Checking Out a Woman

This is how woman see other woman and how a man see a woman.

9. What We See When We Go On Facebook

Women always get attention over men, here is the an example!

10. Lol! Actually! Funny One!

I guess it’s fair to say we approach education a little differently.

11. When Using The Toilet

Here only men have the capability to target this!

12. Women Seek Love But Men..

13. Men Are Lucky Here In This Case

Even $50 is a expensive for a male haircut. The $10 special is a perfect price for a haircut.

14. Shoutout To All The Gamers Out There

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