Positions That Will Make Her Enjoy For Much Longer.

There are certain positions that are not well known but with which you will take your partner to heaven. You, man, will enjoy having the intimate encounter of your life, and she will reach the climax in the blink of an eye. So fast and intense it will be that, although it is not multiorgasmic or trigásmica, it will ‘arrive’ as many times as you want. Let’s go to it, my friend, that’s what the Confidential is making known.

1) TAC

If you do not know the Alignment Technique (TAC), it is time for you to learn. It is a new model of the lifelong missionary position, but one that increases stimulation. So satisfying is that it works for all women, even those who usually have difficulty getting there. As you see in the picture, she should be lying on her back and you on top, with her legs stretched between his. Start with the classic missionary posture, and then stretch your lower extremities. Your little friend will reach the depths, while your pelvic bone will touch your intimate part. It seems easy, but you have to do it well. It is necessary that you make subtle but deep movements and that you try to maintain the greatest contact with her whole body.

2) inverted

As you have mastered oral technique perfectly, we are going to empower it so that it has multiple pleasures. The woman should be lying on the bed, face down, and you should put your mouth between her legs to cover everything with your mouth. You’ll have your head literally tucked into its lows. Usually always in all cases when we practice the oral is done ahead, and to feel the back will seem very new and spicy.

The Alignment Technique is a new model of the life-long missionary, to give you maximum pleasure, you have to place a pillow under your belly, which will help you lift your butt to give you a panoramic view and better access. Start kissing her all over her back and see going to the center little by little, with soft caresses. Once there, do what you know best, thanks to what we have already taught you.

Be careful, this position has a trick. If you want that instead of her coming once, she can get up to five in barely half an hour, you should do the following. Use your hands, You do not have to put them in, just by rubbing these parts on the outside, while you kiss the area, it will be very pleasant for her.

3) The mixed chair

This is one of the best positions for her, I would say the most preferred since it gives her absolute control of the relationship. You should be sitting in a chair or on the edge of the bed, and she should sit on you, facing you or your back as you want to try it even a bit of each way. Your best partner will reach the bottom and stimulate areas that even she knew existed. With your hands, you can stimulate yourself, or you can do it yourself.

While you are in full function, place a pillow under your belly to provide you with better access.

So the function will be more intense if she keeps her legs bent at just a right angle, and she should be close enough to you to be able to control the rhythms. As the climax approaches, the regularity of movements will increase. You can facilitate the dance with the help of your hands.

The vision of this position is also very preferred by men. It offers you an interesting angle of your personalities, if you are facing, you will dance to the beat and which you can stimulate to enhance and increase your arrival. When she is on her back, you can grab her body or caress and grab her belly. You will want to be seated all your life, and she will want more.

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