Father crashes daughter’s proposal, holds up sign reading ‘Say no’ (1 Images)

It was a moment Allison Barron and Levi Bliss would remember for the rest of their lives. No, we’re not talking about Levi’s proposal — although that was certainly memorable, too. We’re talking about the moment Allison’s dad, who was standing off in the distance, held a sign instructing his daughter to “Say no.” “This […]

Study Finds That Second-Born Children Are More Likely To Be Criminals (1 Images)

A recent study has concluded that second-born children are more likely to end up getting in trouble at school or having issues with the law later in life—a finding that is sure to bring much pleasure to older siblings everywhere. Researchers from MIT, Northwestern and University of Florida (plus a few others) followed thousands of […]

What The Color Of Your Urine Says About Your Health (1 Images)

When it comes to the topic of urine, nobody talks about it in polite company, but it does tell a lot about you. The consistency, the odor, and color of your urine are all tell-tale signs of your well-being and the type of lifestyle that you live which ranges from what you drink and eat to the types […]

15+ Cats Who Rule Their Homes And Make Their Own Rules (1 Images)

Cats are beautiful, and though we often misjudge the times that they want it, they love affection. When our little furbabies cross our paths, it is almost impossible to resist presenting them with an offer of affection. Think of all of the cat cafés popping up as of late. Almost nobody can resist those fluffy […]

Disney Just Opened A Home Decorating Store, And It Is Amazing (1 Images)

For Disney fans looking to take their love to the next level, consider packing your backs and heading out to California. Because on Feb. 14, a new Disney Home store opened at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney district. And for those who love both Disney and home decor, what could possibly be more exciting? This new retail location gathers some of […]

Hilarious Walmart Stereotypes By State (1 Images)

One of the best things about going to Walmart is the kind of people you see shopping there. For some reason, it seems to attract the weirdest among us. But not all weirdos are the same. In fact, every state has its own unique brand of Walmart shopper. If you don’t believe us, take a […]

7 things a man will do if he truly loves you (1 Images)

Love is an unpredictable feeling that is not regulated by any rules. A man who is in love has different behavior and actions than men and boys who are indifferent to this light feeling. There are some behavioral indicators of his love. In fact, when he looks at you, his eyes start burning and his […]