Rose-Brown Is The Prettiest New Hair Color For Brunettes (1 Images)

It’s no surprise to see pastel-inspired hair colors begin trending just as spring rolls around, because it’s the perfect time of the year to lighten up our looks. In the past, we’ve seen glitter balayage, galaxy-inspired dye jobs and smoky lilac become popular. The color du jour is rose-brown and it’s becoming the style to […]

There’s A Huge Problem With Parkland Students’ New “Safety Backpacks” (1 Images)

When Parkland students returned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after spring break, they were met with several new security measures designed to prevent another school shooting. However, as many students are pointing out, the new measures may be doing more harm than good. Check out student Emma Gonzalez’s moving speech at the March for […]

16 Slightly Gross Beauty Habits Every Girl Is Guilty Of (1 Images)

Girls go through an awful lot to appear ‘presentable.’ From hours of makeup, to straightening (or curling) their hair, to having their nails and toenails done days prior, the effort and time that it takes for women to get ready is astronomically higher than men’s. For an important event, a guy might shower and put […]

Penis Bleaching Has Become A Trend — And It’s Getting Bigger (1 Images)

A clinic in Thailand has recently gained notoriety for its penis whitening treatment The Lelux Hospital specializes in cosmetic surgery, and bills itself as an “established provider of numerous plastic surgery procedures.” It primarily focuses on providing more conventional surgeries like rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Recently, it made waves with their “3D Vagina” procedure, where women […]

Girl hasn’t cut her finger nails for four years and the results are incredible (1 Images)

What with McDonald’s eyebrows and engagement ring piercings, beauty trends have become increasingly gimmicky of late. Now, whether you choose to blame the internet – which allows such ideas run rampant under the guise of “creativity” – or believe that it’s more of a money-making strategy employed by beauty bloggers, one thing is for certain: […]

All Facebook Users Could Cash in as much $17,500 Each After Data Breach (1 Images)

If your data was harvested through Facebook you could get £12,500 compensation, according to an expert. The social network has come under fire after it was revealed Cambridge Analytica kept users’ data. This could cost Facebook £625 billion, which is double the £317b it is worth, law professor Maureen Mapp argued. ‘There are about 50 […]

Aussie Grandma Sheds 31 Kilos In 12 Weeks Without Exercising (1 Images)

Losing weight isn’t all about looking great, it’s about feeling great too. Ana Reyes from Sydney, Australia knows this bit of truth very well after she shed 31.5kg in three months. The way she lost the weight was simple. Her regimen included a clean eating plan. Reyes’ motivation for her weight loss came after she […]

Private school counselor arrested for having sex with student (1 Images)

A counselor at a $20,000-per-year South Carolina day school was fired and arrested after admitting she had sex with an underage student, police officials said. Kenleigh Prendergast, who worked at Spartanburg Day School, was arrested just after midnight Saturday and charged with sexual battery for having an inappropriate relationship with a student who was 16 […]