24 Pics that You Won’t Believe were Taken at Such An Accurate Timing (1 Images)

One would say a perfect picture requires a lot of effort – the angle, lighting, and heck, a lot of other things but sometimes, you are simply lucky to get a shot impeccable enough to consume your breath. You’d feel extremely blessed to see these pictures. They are captured at the exact moment perfection struck […]

15 Modern Relationship Problems Experienced Today And How To Prevent (1 Images)

Relationships built on technology, such as online dating, was a bit stigmatized throughout the 90s and early 2000s due to its rather unusual nature. And while binary romance has now become the norm, it has also brought a whole new set of problems over time. An impersonal email has replaced a heartfelt, handwritten letter, while […]

7 Clever Ways To Use Baking Soda Outside Of The Kitchen (1 Images)

These are just a few uses for baking soda: It Whitens teeth It gets rid of blemishes It cleans your jewelry Baking soda is one of those magical, ingredients that everyone has in their pantry, and it has so many different uses. Sodium bicarbonate, referred to as ‘baking soda’, is primarily used in baking, as […]