9 Things Black Panther Has Already Made More Money Than (1 Images)

So…Black Panther is estimated to have taken in an astounding $235m over the course of the 4-day President’s Day weekend NEVERMIND IT MADE $242m BECAUSE THIS MOVIE IS UNSTOPPABLE (and around $201m over the 3-day weekend, not including the holiday). That’s A LOT – especially when you consider the initial projections for Black Panther’s opening […]

Netflix’s New Horror Movie Is So Terrifying, People Say They Can’t Finish It (1 Images)

This month, Netflix unleashed a new horror movie that viewers say is so terrifying, they’re unable to watch the entire film. The movie (called Veronica) comes from Spanish director Paco Plaza, who’s made a career out of absolutely horrifying features. And based on Twitter’s response, it looks like Plaza has done it again. So, what’s so scary about Veronica? For […]

World’s last male northern white rhino dies (1 Images)

The world’s last male northern white rhino has died leaving only two females left to save the subspecies from extinction. The 45-year-old rhino named Sudan had been in poor health in recent days and was being treated for age-related issues and multiple infections. A veterinary team made the decision to euthanize Sudan after his condition […]

Teacher who called military ‘lowest of the low’ is fired (1 Images)

A Southern California teacher who was recorded bashing the U.S. military in a profane classroom rant was fired Tuesday evening. Board of Education President Aurora Villon said the El Rancho Unified School District reached a unanimous decision to fire Gregory Salcido, a history teacher at El Rancho High School and elected Pico Rivera city councilman, […]

These Insanely Harsh Breakup Texts Show Some People Have No Class (1 Images)

Saying goodbye is never easy, but like taking off a Band-Aid, sometimes it’s better to just do it quickly and harshly and get it over with rather than dwelling on the issue and prolonging things. That said, while being direct and honest might be the best approach, we can’t exactly suggest that you use any […]

15 Things That You Realise Instantly After Losing Your Virginity (1 Images)

“These days people plan to watch Netflix Originals at home and end up being intimate.” Youth, adultness, or merely putting adolescence is confusing and complicated at times, and the last thing anyone needs to worry about is getting involved with someone. These days, it seems sex is the only thing people are talking about; talking […]