It’s Finally Happened: A Harry Potter-Themed Cruise is Coming

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you might want to sit down for this one. Get ready. A tour company in America has recently organized a tour straight from our deepest magical Harry Potter fantasies. This company is hosting a Harry Potter-themed cruise on the River Thames in London.

The cruise would last for a week. One week of magical bliss and spells. The cruise would be organized by a barge company named Barge Lady Cruises. Apparently, this cruise idea has been a possibility for a while now, and it makes a lot of sense based on the fact that the first book in the Harry Potter series was published 20 years ago.

The cruise would take place this summer and on the following dates. So get your passports and your bags ready for a magical ride. The dates open are August 5 – 11 and 19 – 25. The cruise isn’t just Harry Potter themed, it’s going to make a lot of pit stops at the places where all the Harry Potter movies were filmed. These places include Virginia Water (where Harry first meets Buckbeak) and Picket Post Close (the actual location of 4 Privet Drive).

A six-day cruise along the River Thames is taking place this summer, where you’ll get to visit locations from the magical series of the Harry Potter books and movies. The cruise comes courtesy of Barge Lady Cruises, and will take place on the Magna Carta, a small cruise ship with outside seating. You’ll set sail from London and visit a number of locations from the wizarding franchise.

Along the way, you’ll visit Virginia Water, the lakeside location where Harry first met Buckbeak in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. You’ll get to see Picket Post Close, where 4 Privet Drive was filmed in Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone, and enjoy a guided tour of the Harry Potter sets at Warner Brothers Studios, where you’ll get to see props and costumes from the movies. You’ll get to enjoy a Hogwarts-inspired dinner aboard the ship, before finishing the trip by stopping at the Great Hall at Christ Church College in Oxford, which inspired the Hogwarts Great Hall. Now, for the boring part. The four star ship only has room for eight guests – and at $4,190 (£2,900) per person, it’s pretty expensive.

Credit: Warner Bros

The Harry Potter cruise is available to book between 19 to 25 August and 16 to 22 September. You’ll check in at Hotel Stafford, London, at 3pm precisely.

Accio vacation!

Imagine if you could basically attend Hogwarts while floating on a luxurious boat that you and your friends have all to yourself. An American travel company, Barge Ladies, is making that dream a reality.

Next summer, the company is offering cruises down England’s River Thames for “Harry Potter” fans looking to live out their magical fantasies. These six-day, Magna Carta river cruises fit up to eight passengers in four rooms — which means you can take all your witch and wizard family and friends along for an all-inclusive vacation.

As you float down the river, you’ll be making several stops at places that appeared in the “Harry Potter” films. Among the stops is Virginia Water, where Harry first meets Buckbeak in “Prisoner of Azkaban,” Warner Brothers Studios to see sets, costumes, and props from all the movies, and The Great Hall at Oxford’s Christ Church College —also known as Hogwarts itself.

Each barge is crewed by six magical crew members, including a gourmet chef preparing plenty of Hogwarts-inspired meals. You can enjoy tea and scones, champagne receptions, an open bar (with hopefully as much butterbeer as you can drink) and a hot tub. Although, there are probably no floating candles on the ceiling. That seems like a potential fire hazard.

If you are planning to book, we hope you have as many galleons as Harry himself. Each barge is priced at $36,000. Luckily you can split the price with seven friends, but it’s still a pretty penny.

But can you really put a price on having the perfect vacation and living the life of your favorite fictional character?

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