During Sex Her Boyfriend Felt Something Moving Inside Her, Then Doctors Found It

Sex teaches us about our bodies in a way no other activity can, so long as you’re actually paying attention, and engaging with your partner. The pleasure of sex can sometimes be interrupted by a moment of embarrassment and, in the case of one woman, a night with her boyfriend would teach her the significance of developing a deeper understanding of her body.

When Ellie Taylor-Davis was 28 years old and enjoying a wild romp with her boyfriend, they had a little hiccup. Can you imagine having sex, as either a male or a female, and feeling something move against your motions? Brings back memories of the alien that popped out of the guy’s stomach in Space Balls and started to dance and sing…

When something is out of the ordinary, no one wants to panic. Ellie experienced the same sensation while in the bathroom and decided it was just indigestion – like Scrooge looking at the specter of Jacob Marley and telling him he was just a bit of undigested beef of mustard. She was wrong.

About a month after the incident, Ellie went to her doctor for a contraceptive coil fitting. As you can guess, they noticed something foreign and out of place within her and recommended a pregnancy test. Considering the nature of her appointment, a negative result might have been preferable, but, a positive result would explain the little thing inside her which was apparently not undigested biscuits.

When the pregnancy test produced a negative result, the doctors insisted on an emergency ultrasound to investigate the object inside Ellie. What must have been racing through her mind at this stage? When doctors cannot give you a logical response, it’s easy to let your brain rattle off all manner of impossible nightmares.

The ultrasound revealed a 6.3 inch carcinoid tumor which is a slow-growing mass of the neuroendocrine system (where hormones are produced). How horrifying to know what she felt moving inside her was a large, growing tumor?!

Fortunately for Ellie, she was able to have the tumor removed. She did not have to endure the exhausting, taxing process of chemotherapy or radiation.

A tumor of this nature looks like the picture above. If you saw something like this had been taken out of your body, would you just feel relieved or is this the fodder of enough bad dreams to last the rest of your life? Following her recovery, she decided she wanted to share her story as a warning to others.

According to All That News, Ellie wanted to warn women to understand and get to know their bodies. She knows firsthand this can be a matter of life and death. You’ve seen enough images of cancer patients to realize how lucky Ellie was to have the cancer simply plucked out.

Ellie said in an interview, “It’s really important for women to get in tune with their bodies and become aware of the changes in their own bodies. I was lucky the cancer was diagnosed so early – before it had spread.”

Will you take Ellie’s message to heart? While there’s no need to take an alarmist position to every change in your body, do you know yourself well enough to know when something is just not right?

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