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Rose-Brown Is The Prettiest New Hair Color For Brunettes (1 Images)

It’s no surprise to see pastel-inspired hair colors begin trending just as spring rolls around, because it’s the perfect time of the year to lighten up our looks. In the past, we’ve seen glitter balayage, galaxy-inspired dye jobs and smoky lilac become popular. The color du jour is rose-brown and it’s becoming the style to […]

Study Finds That Second-Born Children Are More Likely To Be Criminals (1 Images)

A recent study has concluded that second-born children are more likely to end up getting in trouble at school or having issues with the law later in life—a finding that is sure to bring much pleasure to older siblings everywhere. Researchers from MIT, Northwestern and University of Florida (plus a few others) followed thousands of […]

Disney Just Opened A Home Decorating Store, And It Is Amazing (1 Images)

For Disney fans looking to take their love to the next level, consider packing your backs and heading out to California. Because on Feb. 14, a new Disney Home store opened at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney district. And for those who love both Disney and home decor, what could possibly be more exciting? This new retail location gathers some of […]

Experts Explain What Happens to Your Body After Smoking E-Cigarettes (1 Images)

E-cigarettes, also known as e-vapors or vaporizers, are a battery operated, electronic nicotine system (ENDS) that simulates the experience of traditional smoking. These “vaping” devices emit vaporized nicotine which, instead of being inhaled by the user, is simply held in the mouth and released. E-cigs are heavily advertised products, with many ad campaigns focusing on […]

Comparing Laser Skin Resurfacing With Chemical Peels at Beauty & Style (1 Images)

When considering skin resurfacing, you want the best results that work for your particular skincare needs. Comparing laser skin resurfacing with chemical peels can seem overwhelming. Both have pros and cons and both are known to work on renewing skin cells. To help narrow down the choices, look at the difference between these treatment options. […]