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7 Clever Ways To Use Baking Soda Outside Of The Kitchen (1 Images)

These are just a few uses for baking soda: It Whitens teeth It gets rid of blemishes It cleans your jewelry Baking soda is one of those magical, ingredients that everyone has in their pantry, and it has so many different uses. Sodium bicarbonate, referred to as ‘baking soda’, is primarily used in baking, as […]

Girl hasn’t cut her finger nails for four years and the results are incredible (1 Images)

What with McDonald’s eyebrows and engagement ring piercings, beauty trends have become increasingly gimmicky of late. Now, whether you choose to blame the internet – which allows such ideas run rampant under the guise of “creativity” – or believe that it’s more of a money-making strategy employed by beauty bloggers, one thing is for certain: […]

8 Brilliant Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone (1 Images)

These days, phones have so many features that they’ve replaced many of the tools we used to use in our everyday lives. This includes things like calculators, rulers, watches, recorders, and music players (which are now technically obsolete). There are lesser known smartphone hacks that your device can also perform and some of them are so useful […]

10 Unbelievably Weird Things Girls Secretly Do In Front Of The Mirror (1 Images)

Welcome to the secret life of women. A secret land where they don’t have to be the perfect little princess that society tells them to be. They can be their real selves. Their stinky, hungry selves. Their silly, loud, shameless selves. All without wearing a bra or squeezing their butts into impossibly small spans. This […]

What Really Turns On Women According To Her Zodiac Sign (1 Images)

It should come as no surprise that some women get turned on by different things. However, did you know that what women like in the bedroom can heavily depend on their zodiac sign? Click through the slides to find out what your woman craves, and a whole new meaning to the classic pickup line “what’s […]

5 Confounding Truths Of Dating Someone Younger That Are Way Too Real (1 Images)

Age doesn’t matter in any relationship. Age is just a matter of mind and if you don’t mind then it doesn’t matter. Dating someone younger than you is not that bad unless you pay attention to what others say. It’s your own choice whether you date someone younger or older than you. Dating someone younger […]

8 Habits That Really Make The Relationship Strong (1 Images)

Man is always hungry for love and devotion. He wants attention all the time, he needs a person to look forward to and a person he can always count on. In this busy and tough schedule of life, it is always difficult to find someone who adores you the most. People having relationships have always […]