5 Loving Ways To Support Someone Who Just Left An Abusive Relationship (1 Images)

“If you walked away from a toxic, negative, abusive, one-sided, dead-end low vibrational relationship or friendship — you won.” – Lalah Delia Someone who has recently exited an abusive relationship needs to be treated with respect and compassion. They’re going to need a lot of support to help them get back on their feet. According to The […]

KFC Are Now Selling Cheesy Chips Topped With Chicken (1 Images)

If you’re from up north, then there’s nothing better after a night out than the combination of chips, cheese and gravy. The cheese melting in your mouth with the added texture and taste from the chips and gravy makes it a night to remember. KFC have now brought out the ultimate combination by adding chicken […]

Women Share 9 Unusual Things They Find Attractive in Men (1 Images)

We all have our own tastes and beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. While there are no real guidelines when it comes to appearing flawlessly attractive to everyone, scientists claim that some traits appear to be more appealing than others. Some of these discoveries can surprise people who think that women are […]

9 Things Black Panther Has Already Made More Money Than (1 Images)

So…Black Panther is estimated to have taken in an astounding $235m over the course of the 4-day President’s Day weekend NEVERMIND IT MADE $242m BECAUSE THIS MOVIE IS UNSTOPPABLE (and around $201m over the 3-day weekend, not including the holiday). That’s A LOT – especially when you consider the initial projections for Black Panther’s opening […]

Netflix’s New Horror Movie Is So Terrifying, People Say They Can’t Finish It (1 Images)

This month, Netflix unleashed a new horror movie that viewers say is so terrifying, they’re unable to watch the entire film. The movie (called Veronica) comes from Spanish director Paco Plaza, who’s made a career out of absolutely horrifying features. And based on Twitter’s response, it looks like Plaza has done it again. So, what’s so scary about Veronica? For […]