16 Slightly Gross Beauty Habits Every Girl Is Guilty Of

Girls go through an awful lot to appear ‘presentable.’ From hours of makeup, to straightening (or curling) their hair, to having their nails and toenails done days prior, the effort and time that it takes for women to get ready is astronomically higher than men’s. For an important event, a guy might shower and put on a pair of jeans, but other than a wedding or the NBA Finals, a guy is rarely ever slipping out of his basketball shorts or baggy sweatpants.

Read on to find out some more things that girls go through that might not be so attractive.

Here are 16 slightly gross habits that girls are guilty of in order to be beautiful.

1. This one applies to males and females: biting the dry skin off your lips. It’s normal, not only is the dry skin annoying but it is also not appealing. At least they’re not swallowing their dry skin or spitting it out at someone…Are they?

2. Not cleaning makeup utensils for months at a time. Not only will this ruin a contour or a shade that you are trying to create, but it also stores bacteria, germs and dead skin on a brush for months on end.

3. Mascara flicking. I didn’t know of this one until I researched it myself. Girls who take off their remaining mascara and then proceed to flick the dried remnants at an unsuspecting victim.

4. Pore strips. This one gives me the tingles. Examining the gunk that is pulled out of your pores after using a pore strip.

5. Sharing makeup. Not cleaning your makeup tools is one thing. But not cleaning it and then going to lend it to a friend is just plain cruel. And unhygienic.

6. Reusing or starting to use expired makeup. This can be dangerous because it can cause infections or rashes to appear on your skin if an adverse reaction occurs.

7. Using their own saliva (worse, others’) to clean up makeup mishaps. No comment. Except to ask the question: why?

8. Leaving loads of hair on a hairbrush and not cleaning it out. At least it’s not a wet hairball at the bottom of the drain.

9. Using sample makeup without cleaning or disinfecting it first. It’s bad enough not cleaning your own makeup utensils, but using one that is open to the public without cleaning it first is just a giant no-no.

10. Using dried shampoo to combat that really dirty hair. Dry shampoo is okay for the day after you wash your hair, but it please, just use shampoo when it gets visibly dirty!

11. Biting nails. Biting fake nails. And then throwing said bitten off fake nails at an unsuspecting target.

12. More bad nail habits. Using your fake nails as a toothbrush (to remove plaque off your teeth) before you trim (via biting) your nails and proceed to throw your clippings at an unfortunate soul.

13. Not cleaning or sterilizing earrings and its studs for an extended period of time. This can lead to potential infections or skin issues. Aside from the fact that it’s just plain gross and unhygienic.

14. Manually disposing of nail polish. And then leaving the removed nail polish wherever you took it off.

15. Using a razor after numerous shaves. Or leaving an excessive amount of hair on a razor without cleaning it off. Or refusing to clean it. Or trying to beat the previous record of how long you lasted before using a new razor.

16. Ingrown hair. Pulling out an ingrown hair and then being both proud and shocked at the length and size of a particularly big, long and hairy one.


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