15 Things That You Realise Instantly After Losing Your Virginity

“These days people plan to watch Netflix Originals at home and end up being intimate.”

Youth, adultness, or merely putting adolescence is confusing and complicated at times, and the last thing anyone needs to worry about is getting involved with someone. These days, it seems sex is the only thing people are talking about; talking about intercourse is both fun and weird at the same time. Trust me when I say, no amount of porn and waxing will prepare you for the first time. Blink of an eye and it would have ended.

Don’t forget our beloved society which has put virginity like a pure treasure from God, once you lose; it’ll never come back. Bullshit.

There are facts about losing your virginity that no one will tell you, and when you lose it; you’ll be in doubt if that happens with everyone. Don’t worry, we’re rebels, and we’re here, to be honest with you. There will be no secrets once you read the entire article.

Have a look!

#14 Nothing can prepare you for it.

No matter how smooth you wax, and how much porn you watch while doing it, nothing is going to help. Every person who has lost virginity says the same thing, “Wow, I never expected it to be this weird.”
#13 You’ll get nervous, that’s okay.

The way we’re taught about virginity since our childhood, we’re bound to get nervous while losing it. You want it to be special, and that increases the nervousness even more.

#12 It may hurt you.

It’d hurt, and not only while you’re doing it, but for a few days more. You realize these things as they happen to you. So don’t panic. However, in case of unbearable pain, you may consult a doctor to be at safe side.

#11 It’s fun, but not when you do it for the first time.

If you’re the one who drills, then the chances are that you won’t be able to live up to your own expectations, forget the partner. If you have a hole, then it’s definitely not going to be like Disney princess.

#10 Use protection.

There’s no better feeling than this, and if you haven’t used precaution, you’ll die from inside because of the guilt which you’ll feel.
#09 Conversation.

No matter how cheesy it sounds, but having a good conversation while lying over each other, naked can be a good idea. It’s awkward at first, but soon you start to behave normally.

#08 No one asked you to lose it to the one you love.

Intercourse is not about love. You may feel attracted to someone and feel like you want to sleep with them. Don’t stop, go ahead and gift that night to yourself.

#07 But beware:

It could be possible that you’re giving it away as a gift, but it should be clear from the beginning that another person is not mistaking it for love.

#06 It hurts.

Injuries are part of intercourse. Congratulations, you won’t get much on your first time.

#05 Most important:

Foreplay. Don’t skip it. It could work wonders and make the moment worth it if used playfully.

#04 Put this fear to death.

Losing your virginity isn’t about blood everywhere. Not all women bleed when they have intercourse for the first time.

#03 Do the comfortable.

Remember the point above about talking? Well, it becomes necessary if you’re trying different positions. Make sure you open up to comfortable things. Sex injuries are worst.

#02 It is not the end.

Your first experience may not be damn good, and it may end quicker than you could ever imagine, but don’t take it for life. As time passes by, your time spent inside will increase.

#01 Feel no shame.

There’s nothing to be shameful about. If you are a virgin, yes you are, and if you’re not, then you’re not. Virginity doesn’t define your character, and you should not let people judge you by that.

That’s all, folks!

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