15+ Cats Who Rule Their Homes And Make Their Own Rules

Cats are beautiful, and though we often misjudge the times that they want it, they love affection. When our little furbabies cross our paths, it is almost impossible to resist presenting them with an offer of affection. Think of all of the cat caf├ęs popping up as of late. Almost nobody can resist those fluffy cheeks and bouncy tails.

A little piece of advice though – you don’t own cats. They own you. No, really. It’s their home. Do you want to eat a meal in peace? Sorry Karen, not today. Despite essentially being their unspoken slaves, many of us love our cats. They bring copious amounts of joy, even when they are being obnoxious.

I do what I want, when I want.

This tom isn’t being rolled into any pie.

Cat Patrol – Ready for Action.

Now this is just taking the Mickey.

‘If I fits, I sits’.

Sometimes they like cuddles… And sometimes, they really don’t.

‘What did I tell you hoomans about playing without me?’

New furniture? Not anymore!

No meal is complete without their presence.

This is my shelf, and you had better not forget it.

They always know just where to hurt you.

Like, the exact spot of pain.

‘What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine’.

They don’t appreciate sharing.

Who needs cat toys when you’ve got anything and everything else?

Who needs a cat bed when you have eggs and boxes?

If you happen to forget that your kitty rules the roost, they will remind you. And probably in the worst way possible.

It’s been like this from the beginning – so don’t try and rewrite history.

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