11 Photos Posted Online That “Accidentally” Showed More Than Intended

1. Engagement Photo

“You guys are engaged? Congrats! But this seems so sudden. What made you decide to tie the knot?”

*looks in lower left corner*

“Oh. Welp, congratulations a second time, I suppose!”

2. Divorce Photo

Leaving the shoes visible in the photo? Fail.

Having the guy you’re cheating with be the one to take the photo? Epic Snapchat fail.

3. Not That Type Of Snow

You know what would be a great marketing idea to push the idea that this is a product your kids will love? A crack pipe.

Hopefully they’re selling this because their kids are no longer allowed to spend time with them.

4. Military Lack Of Intelligence

Here’s a picture of Prince William sitting in with the Ministry of Defense. If you look behind him, you can see login info, password included. I don’t know what’s more embarrassing; this oversight while posting the pic, or the fact that the password is “password.”

5. Reflect On This Matter

This apartment photo was posted by a man looking for a new roommate on popular Australian classifieds site Gumtree. Unfortunately for him, if you look closely you’ll notice there’s a mirror that shows off his garment preferences down under.

6. You Can Tell He Likes It

A lot of these embarrassing situations could be avoided if we taught basic shot composition in schools. Also, clean your damn room. This guy’s probably naked because he can’t find where his clothes went in this fabric monsoon.

7. Why Won’t You Smile?

The mirror. Again.

There’s so much happening in this picture. Is this kid going to a ska prom? Why is one person in their underwear while another is in a tuxedo? And most of all, what type of workout plan is this guy on to maintain the most impressive dad bod I’ve ever seen?

8. Eye On The Prize

Well, this seems innocent enough. It’s just a Lions fan taking a selfie to show off her new sunglasses…

Oh. Oh dear. The reflection strikes yet again.

9. Give Her A Hand

This isn’t even a selfie. The person taking this picture knew what they were doing, and what they were doing was exposing the most intimidating sex toy I’ve ever seen. These poor girls. It’s sad when you’re most embarrassing sexual experience didn’t even happen while you were having sex.

10. Shadow Puppets

Sometimes it’s not even a reflective surface like glass or a mirror that winds up ruining your pic. Sometimes it’s the placement of the sun. Darn you, flying nuclear fire orb! I’d hate you if you didn’t give us life!

11. Biggs Mistake

Jenny Mollen posted this picture to her Instagram, where the joke was supposed to be her not noticing her husband, Jason Biggs, sitting naked on the toilet in the background. But the joke turned out to be on her, as she actually didn’t notice that Jason Biggs’ “Big Jason” was actually visible in the picture. Lucky, it wasn’t covered in pie filling.

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