10 Unbelievably Weird Things Girls Secretly Do In Front Of The Mirror

Welcome to the secret life of women. A secret land where they don’t have to be the perfect little princess that society tells them to be. They can be their real selves. Their stinky, hungry selves. Their silly, loud, shameless selves. All without wearing a bra or squeezing their butts into impossibly small spans. This secret world gentlemen, is what happens when women are alone. If you feel brave enough to wander into this dark world, don’t be afraid if you come across something scary, thats just us wearing face masks and cutting our toenails.

We Check Out Our Butts

We Make Weird Faces In The Mirror

We Give Ourselves Pep Talks

Sink Scrub


We Check For Boogers

Check Out The Lady Bits

Pluck Random Hairs

Shake Our Booty’s

Sexy Selfies

Scratch That Itch

Air It All Out

Obsess Over Aging

Drink A Bottle (or more) Of Wine

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