10 Unbelievable Examples Of Things Being Worn Down Over Time

From people and plants to cars and buildings, time eventually wears everything out. Sometimes it takes weeks or months, other times it can take years or decades, but eventually everything begins to crumble beneath the unstoppable pressure of Father Time.

The pictures below contain everything from marble floors worn down by feet to kitchen knives that have almost lost their blades due to years of constant use. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite, and feel free to add to the list!

#1 When My Brother Was Born In 1985, My Mother Purchased Two Identical Teddy Bears. The One On The Left Has Been My Brother’s For 30 Years, The One On The Right Has Been Kept In Storage For My Brother’s First Child Who Was Born Today

Via Reddit

#2 Before And After Power-Washing. New York Used To Be A Much Dirtier City Back When The Northeast Ran On Coal Plants


#3 The Life Cycle Of A Penny


#4 This Lamp Pole’s Posters Over The Years


#5 Sun Damage After 28 Years Of Driving A Delivery Truck


#6 My Grandfather Has Carried This Silver Dollar In His Pocket Since 1952


#7 Said Goodbye To By Best Friend After 13 Years. This Is Is Vaccination Tag All Worn Down After A Lifetime Of Tinking Against His Water Bowl. Rip Little Man


#8 Footprints Are Carved Into The Floorboards By Monk Who Has Prayed At The Same Spot For 20 Years


#9 The Marble Floor Of This Bank Has Been Worn Down From Years Of People Standing


#10 My Radio Button Has Worn Out To Be A Victorian Portrait


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